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Are Drop Boxes Worth It?

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Are Drop Boxes Worth It?

The use of drop boxes for the collection of ballots during elections has become a topic of debate in the United States and other countries. Generally speaking, drop boxes are designed to provide voters with a secure and convenient method to submit their absentee or mail-in ballots. They are often monitored, either by video surveillance or election officials, to maintain the security of the ballots deposited.

Advantages of Drop Boxes

  1. Accessibility: Drop boxes can be more easily accessed by people who may have difficulty reaching polling stations due to work commitments, health reasons, or lack of transportation.

  2. Efficiency: They can reduce wait times at polling stations and speed up the vote-counting process.

  3. Reduced Postal Delays: Drop boxes circumvent potential postal service delays, ensuring that ballots are received and counted in a timely manner.

  4. Security: When properly monitored and constructed, drop boxes can be a secure way for voters to submit their ballots.

Criticisms and Concerns

  1. Security Risks: Critics argue that drop boxes could be susceptible to tampering, theft, or vandalism. However, there are countermeasures such as 24/7 video surveillance and regular emptying by election officials to mitigate these risks.

  2. Partisan Placement: There have been allegations that the placement of drop boxes can be decided in a manner that favors one political group over another.

  3. Chain of Custody: Critics worry that the chain of custody for ballots could be compromised, though procedures can be put in place to ensure secure and transparent transfer of ballots from drop boxes to counting facilities.

  4. Confusion: With changing locations and availability, some voters may be confused about where and how to use drop boxes.

Regulatory Measures

To address these issues, various jurisdictions have implemented regulations governing the use of drop boxes. These may include:

  • Guidelines on construction materials to ensure they are tamper-evident and weatherproof.

  • Requirements for surveillance and monitoring.

  • Procedures for emptying the boxes and transporting ballots to counting facilities.

  • Public awareness campaigns to educate voters on how to properly use drop boxes.


Overall, the effectiveness and security of drop boxes as a means of voting largely depend on the specific regulations and procedures in place. When managed properly, they can provide a convenient and secure method for voters to exercise their democratic rights. However, like any voting method, it is important to continually assess and update security measures to ensure the integrity of the electoral process. The question remains: Are Drop Boxes Worth it?

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