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Election Fraud Cases


Election Fraud Cases, Election Integrity for America. Election Integrity, Election Fraud.

State Election Fraud Cases

In 2023, several significant cases of election fraud have been reported across various states in the United States:

  1. Connecticut: In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Committee was caught on camera allegedly stuffing ballots into a drop box. This incident led to a state judge calling the evidence of fraud "shocking" and discarding the results of the Democrats' September primary​​.

  2. Massachusetts: In Springfield, Massachusetts, mayoral candidate Justin Hurst was accused of buying votes during in-person early voting. Video footage allegedly showed people being paid after voting. Hurst denied these allegations, but the incumbent mayor won reelection​​. Additionally, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, there were allegations of ballot theft, with some voters being told they had already sent in mail-in ballots when they hadn't​​.

  3. Iowa: Kim Phuong Taylor was tried for federal voter fraud in Iowa. She was accused of submitting fraudulent documents in her husband's election campaigns, including voter registrations and absentee ballot request forms with false information​​.

  4. Texas: In Laredo, a Texas state appeals court overturned the results of a city council election due to illegal votes, some of which were allegedly cast by city police officers​​.

  5. New Jersey: In Paterson, Council Speaker Alex Mendez was charged with stealing mail-in ballots and attempting to rig the 2020 election. State prosecutors alleged that hundreds of ballots were stolen, falsified, or improperly delivered​​.

Other notable cases from the Election Fraud Database include:

  1. North Carolina: Leslie McCrae Dowless, a political operative, orchestrated a ballot-trafficking scheme involving fraudulent absentee ballots in the 2019 North Carolina 9th Congressional District race, leading to a congressional race being overturned for the first time in 40 years​​.

  2. Indiana: Janet Reed, a Democratic Party activist in Evansville, Indiana, was found guilty of sending illegally pre-marked absentee-ballot applications to voters, pre-selecting the Democrat Party on the applications​​.

  3. Florida: Several individuals, including Marc Crump and Dedrick De'ron Baldwin, were convicted for illegally voting in the 2020 general election. Additionally, Anthony Guevara was charged with felonies for changing the voter-registration address of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis online​​.

  4. Arizona and Texas: Convicted felons such as Victor Aguirre in Arizona and Francisco Tamez Jr. in Texas were found guilty of illegal voting​​​​.

  5. Minnesota: Linda Maria Stately, a convicted felon, registered and voted in the 2020 general election and was sentenced to probation​​.

These cases illustrate various forms of election fraud, ranging from ballot stuffing and vote buying to absentee ballot fraud and illegal voting by ineligible individuals. They highlight the ongoing challenges in safeguarding the integrity of electoral processes.

Election Fraud Cases, Election Integrity for America. Election Integrity, Election Fraud.

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