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Election Fraud, Election Fraud Cases. Election Integrity for America, Election Fraud Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation's Election Fraud Database is a collection of proven instances of election fraud from across the United States. As of the latest update, this database includes 1,412 cases, and the Foundation's legal center is monitoring many other ongoing prosecutions​​. The database aims to showcase vulnerabilities in the election system and the various ways in which fraud can occur​​.

However, the Liberal Brennan Center for Justice has criticized the Heritage Foundation's database. According to the Brennan Center, claims that the database contains nearly 1,100 proven instances of voter fraud are greatly exaggerated and lack context.

The Brennan Center's research indicates that voter fraud is extremely rare, and impersonating a voter at the polls is an even rarer phenomenon​​.

Additionally, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has used the Heritage Foundation's database to support claims of widespread voter fraud, which the Liberal Brennan Center describes as baseless​​.

This contrast in views reflects a broader debate over the prevalence and impact of election fraud in the U.S., with different organizations interpreting the data in ways that support their respective viewpoints.

Election Fraud, Election Fraud Cases. Election Integrity for America

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