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What is Election Integrity For America and How Does it Work?

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Old Glort in the Breeze

Election Integrity for America has twelve specific steps.

1. Voter registration: Maintaining an updated and accurate voter registration system is crucial to ensure that only eligible voters can cast a vote.

2. Voter ID: Requiring voters to present a valid form of identification at the polling station can help prevent voter impersonation and other fraudulent activities.

3. Secure voting machines: Ensuring that voting machines are secure, tamper-proof, and accurate is vital to maintain election integrity.

4. Paper trail: Implementing a paper trail for electronic voting machines can help ensure a physical record of each vote cast.

5. Polling place security: Maintaining a secure environment at polling places, including the presence of trained personnel and surveillance equipment, can prevent fraud and intimidation.

6. Voter education: Educating voters on the election process, their rights, and what to expect at the polls can help prevent confusion and misunderstandings.

7. Poll worker training: Properly conducting the election process and handling any issues is essential to ensure a smooth and fair election.

8. Auditing and verification: Regular auditing and assurance of the voting machines, voter lists, and overall election process can help detect and prevent irregularities.

9. Early voting and absentee ballots: Providing options for early voting and absentee ballots can make it easier for voters to participate in the election and reduce the risk of overcrowding on election day.

10. Observer and watchdog groups: Allowing observers and watchdog groups to monitor the election process can increase transparency, accountability, and confidence in the outcome.

11. Contingency planning: Developing contingency plans for emergencies, such as natural disasters or technical malfunctions, can help ensure that the election proceeds smoothly.

12. Post-election audit and dispute resolution: Conducting a thorough post-election audit and establishing a clear and transparent dispute resolution process can help ensure that any challenges to the election results are pretty and promptly addressed.

Election Integrity for America will address each section.

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