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Election Integrity for America Key Words

Election Integrity" is a term that refers to the assurance that the processes of an election are conducted in a transparent, fair, accurate, and accountable manner.

Here are some key words and phrases related to Election Integrity for America:Key Words:

  1. Ballot Security: Measures used to prevent tampering, loss, or destruction of ballots.

  2. Voter ID Laws: Requirements for identification in order to vote.

  3. Paper Trail: Physical evidence of a voter's ballot, often in the form of a paper receipt.

  4. Audit: A post-election review of processes and outcomes, typically involving a hand recount of a random sample of ballots.

  5. Voter Registration: The process by which eligible citizens enroll to vote.

  6. Mail-in Voting: Voting that takes place using mail-in ballots.

  7. Early Voting: Allowing voters to cast their ballots before Election Day.

  8. Electoral Transparency: The ability of the public to see that elections are conducted fairly and properly.

  9. Gerrymandering: Manipulating the boundaries of electoral districts to favor one party or group.

  10. Cybersecurity: Protecting election systems from digital threats.

  11. Voter Suppression: Efforts to reduce or curtail the voting rights of certain groups.

  12. Voter Fraud: Illegal interference with the process of an election, such as voting multiple times.

  13. Voter Verification: Methods used to confirm the identity of a voter.

  14. Election Observation: When independent observers monitor the processes of an election.

  15. Election Infrastructure: Physical and digital systems used in the conduct of elections.

  16. Electoral Commission: A body overseeing the electoral process.

  17. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs): Machines used for the electronic tallying of votes.

  18. Provisional Ballots: Ballots given to voters whose eligibility is in question; they are counted once eligibility is confirmed.

  19. Disenfranchisement: The removal or suspension of voting rights.

  20. Polling Place: Physical location where voting occurs.

  21. Absentee Ballot: A ballot completed and mailed in advance of an election by a voter who cannot be present at their usual polling place on Election Day.

  22. Redistricting: The process of drawing electoral district boundaries.

  23. Election Recount: A repeated counting of votes to verify the accuracy of an election result.

  24. Election Certification: The official declaration of election results by a governing body.

  25. Election Officials: Those responsible for administering and overseeing the election process.

Understanding and addressing issues surrounding these keywords can help ensure the integrity of elections. It's also essential for the general public to be educated about these topics so they can be engaged and hold election officials accountable. 2 / 2

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