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Election Integrity for America Solutions

The integrity of our voting system is essential to all of us.

Americans deserve to feel confident that our votes are accurately counted and protected from sophisticated cyber attacks. We must ensure the fairness, accuracy, and security that befits our democracy. That’s why Common Cause is working to push solutions that protect our elections from foreign and domestic hacking and ensure votes are counted as cast.

The most effective solutions to improve the Election Integrity for Americaintegrity of our elections are often simple and commonsense. They include:

  • Retire old and outdated voting machines, upgrade the technology we use, and move towards employing paper ballots in every state.

  • Require risk-limiting, post-election audits of ballots to confirm that reported election results are accurate.

  • Ensure paper back-ups of our voter registration databases and electronic voter rolls.

  • Eliminate the use of online voting. Ballots cast by email or through an internet portal are vulnerable to hacking.

We are working with national, state, and local election officials and administrators to implement these commonsense solutions to safeguard our elections. We know that protecting our democracy is not a partisan issue. When a foreign government or anyone else tries to influence our elections, it weakens our votes and voices. Americans deserve answers and real solutions to secure our elections moving forward. (Source: Common Cause)

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