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Election Integrity for America - Voter Rolls

Maintenance of lists of current eligible registered voter rolls is a problem for Election Integrity for America.

The Fractal team has deep roots in insurance, Medicaid, and now election identity fraud.

We currently work with state legislators and election officials to demonstrate how Fractal gives 100% visibility to all state databases – Medicaid, WIC, DMV, election rolls – from a phone or tablet – real time – implemented at a fraction of the cost of conventional tech.

The Fractal team can take state voter rolls, compare them with county property tax records, perhaps add Medicaid data or DMV or FEC data.

Together, we cross search them in real-time – and you can see if people and their addresses – across multiple programs – reconcile.

Do the same people use different addresses for different programs?

Are there contribution mules hiding in your databases?

During a Proof of Concept, you will find out – fast.

Law enforcement can see if an address is collecting government program funding – but is not eligible – maybe it’s a vacant lot.

You will see if your voter rolls are as clean as you hope they are – all in real time, from a digital device.

You will learn government fraud accumulates around people and addresses.

You will find hotspots where the data shows people committing acts you may want to check out.

We will do time series analysis – economically impossible with any current technology.

Time series data shows how people change names, addresses or other information to avoid detection.

For instance, someone changes their address to vote. They vote and change their address back to the previous one.

Might be good to know if this is a common occurrence.

Fractal gives you and your citizens 100% visibility to every change – no matter how slight – from

the smallest comma to someone changing zip codes of 33,000 people the week mail-in ballots are sent.

Fractal = 100% visibility.

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