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Electoral Process in Pennsylvania

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Election Integrity and Gerrymandering

Electoral Process in Pennsylvania

The congressional delegation from Pennsylvania consists of 17 members. As of the current delegation, there are 9 Democratic and 8 Republican representatives. This balance is a result of the redistricting process which has evolved over the years.

Historically, following the 2010 census, redistricting in Pennsylvania was controlled by the Republican party. The 2012 redistricting led to significant changes in the district boundaries, resulting in a map that disproportionately favored Republican candidates. In the 2012 congressional elections, despite Democratic candidates winning 50.5% of the total votes, only five of the state's 18 federal Representatives were Democrats. This imbalance led to a lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, alleging unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court eventually ruled in 2018 that the congressional districts were unlawfully gerrymandered and ordered a redrawn map. This new map, designed with the assistance of a Stanford University law professor, was more compact and split fewer municipalities and counties. It aimed not to favor any particular party. Following this, in the 2018 elections, the congressional delegation balanced out to 9 Democrats and 9 Republicans​​.

In terms of election integrity measures in Pennsylvania, there were significant amendments proposed in 2023. These included the Voter Qualifications and Identification Amendment, which mandates voters to present an ID when casting their ballots, and the Election Audits Amendment, which provides for the auditing of elections and election results. These measures reflect ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity and transparency of elections in the state​​.

This information highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of electoral processes and districting in Pennsylvania, reflecting broader trends and concerns in American politics regarding fair representation and election integrity. Election Integrity and Gerrymandering

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