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How to Report Election Violations

Poll Workers and Concerned Citizens


Reporting election violations is an important aspect of maintaining the integrity and fairness of the electoral process. This is critical to maintain Election Integrity for America.

The process can vary depending on your country and the specific nature of the violation, but here are general steps you can follow:

Identify the Violation: Be clear about what you have witnessed or suspect. Election violations can range from voter intimidation, fraudulent activities, misinformation campaigns, illegal campaign contributions, to procedural irregularities.

Gather Evidence: If possible, collect any evidence that supports your claim. This could include photographs, videos, documents, or eyewitness accounts. However, ensure that you do not put yourself or others in danger while gathering evidence.

Know the Laws and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the election laws in your jurisdiction. This will help you understand whether what you have witnessed is indeed a violation and the relevant authority to report it to.

Contact the Appropriate Authorities: This could be your local election commission, a government oversight agency, or law enforcement, depending on the nature of the violation. In many countries, there are hotlines or online platforms specifically for reporting election irregularities.

Provide Detailed Information: When reporting, be as detailed and clear as possible. Include the type of violation, the time and location, any involved parties, and the evidence you have.

Stay Anonymous if Necessary: If you fear retaliation, find out if there are ways to report the violation anonymously.

Follow Up: After reporting, if you feel it's appropriate and safe, follow up to see what action has been taken.

Spread Awareness: Inform others about how to report election violations. Encourage them to be vigilant and report any irregularities they might encounter.

How to Report Election Violations.

Remember, the specifics can vary greatly depending on your location and the nature of the election, so it's always a good idea to seek advice from local sources or authorities who are knowledgeable about the electoral process in your area.

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