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Nevada Poll Workers Election Violations


Election Integrity in Nevada, Nevada Poll Workers Election Violations, Election Intimidation, Voter Fraud.

In Nevada, there have been significant developments regarding the protection of election workers. A bipartisan bill, Senate Bill 406, has been signed into law, making it a felony to harass, threaten, or dox an election worker.

This legislation was introduced in response to the increased threats and harassment faced by election workers in Nevada, particularly after the 2020 presidential election. The law aims to provide safety and support for these workers, who play a critical role in conducting elections.

Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar, who was a key proponent of the bill, emphasized the need to protect election workers, especially in light of a substantial number of them facing threats and intimidation.

This situation has led to a high turnover rate, with over half of the top election officials in Nevada's 17 counties stepping down between the 2020 election and the 2022 midterms, many citing election threats as a reason. The new law, which received unanimous support in Nevada’s Democratic-controlled Legislature, includes several key provisions:

  1. It defines the crime of harassing or intimidating an election worker with the intent of interfering with an election or retaliating against them for their work in elections.

  2. It offers protection for election workers from having their personal details released online.

  3. It clarifies that harassment of election workers can occur outside of polling locations.

  4. It provides additional protections for election workers while on the job.

The need for such a law became particularly evident after a federal court acquitted a Las Vegas man who had been charged with making threatening calls to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. The indictment alleged that the man had made highly threatening remarks to an election worker, but he was not found guilty under the previous law.

The new law in Nevada reflects a growing recognition of the challenges and dangers faced by election workers and represents a significant step towards ensuring their safety and the integrity of the election process​.

Election Integrity in Nevada, Nevada Poll Workers Election Violations, Election Intimidation, Voter Fraud.

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