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Stealing the Next Election

Election Integrity for America

America Forever

Unethical or Illegal Ways to Steal the Next Election:

  1. Misinformation/Disinformation: Spreading false information to deceive voters.

  2. Voter Suppression: Actions that prevent or discourage people from voting, such as intimidation at polling places.

  3. Illegal Campaign Financing: Breaking campaign finance laws, such as donating more than the legal limit.

  4. Hacking: Tampering with voting machines or election infrastructure.

  5. Ballot Harvesting: This term can mean different things in different contexts, but when done unethically, it involves collecting and possibly manipulating or discarding absentee ballots.

  6. Bribery: Offering money, goods, or services in exchange for votes.

If you're interested in influencing an election, it's crucial to stick to ethical and legal methods. These not only uphold the integrity of the democratic process but also ensure that your efforts have a lasting, positive impact. Remember, the goal should always be to enhance and promote democratic values, participation, and transparency.

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