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The America Project Georgia 2022-2023 Election Analysis

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April 20, 2022


Velma Anne Ruth, Director of Operations

Jason Ickes, Political Analyst


Election Fraud: Highlights The America Project Georgia 2023 Analysis

 Number of disputed ballots: Up to 300,000 votes

 Joe Biden’s winning margin: 11,779 votes (0.25%)

 Georgia’s electoral college votes under dispute: 16 votes (36 would need to be flipped for a Trump win)

 Independent forensic audit investigation: Partial ballot inspection for 1 county only

Outstanding Issues

 Unobserved ballot counting

 Outstanding/unresolved integrity issues with Dominion counting machines

 Ballots appearing to have been duplicated by copy machine

 Massive spike in number of ballots manually adjudicated

 High numbers of underage voters, unregistered voters, deceased voters, incarcerated voters, and out-of-

state voters

 Widespread lack of verification of absentee ballots

 Significant statistical anomolies

 Over 40 witnesses gave testimony in Georgia on December 9-14

 Massive errors found during a ballot audit


The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL): Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

 Here are the 10 largest CTCL grants in Georgia, and who won the county:

Pg. 2

Election Integrity Litigation: Selected Cases

Sequestration of Absentee Ballots submitted after Election Day

In re Enforcement of Election Laws and Securing Ballots Cast or Received After 7:00 P.M. on November 3,

2020, No. SPCV20-00982 (GA Superior Court)

State allowed procedures that are different from the Georgia Election Code

Lin Wood v. Raffensperger, No. 1:20-cv-04651-SDG (North District Georgia)

Lin Wood v. Raffensperger, No. 20-14418 (11th Circuit)

GA should not have accepted a grant

Wood v. Raffensperger, No. 2020CV342959 (GA Superior Court, Fulton County)

Voting machine irregularities

Pearson v. Kemp, No. 1:20-cv-04809-TCB (GA Northern District)

Pearson v. Kemp, No. 20-14480 (11th Circuit Court of Appeals)

In Re Pearson v. Kemp, No. 20-816 (US Supreme Court)

Vote-by-Mail (Claim that Mail Voting Leads to Fraud and/or Vote Dilution)

Trump v. Raffensperger, No. 2020CV343255 (GA Superior Court, Fulton County)

Still v. Raffensperger, No. 2020CV343711 (GA Superior Court, Fulton Cnty.)

State allowed procedures that are different from the Georgia Election Code

Lin Wood v. Raffensperger, No. 20-799 (US Supreme Court)

Authority To Act (Other)

Trump v. Raffensperger, No. S21M0561 (Georgia Supreme Court)

Improper ballot counting: ask to inspect ballots

Favorito v. Cooney, No. 2020CV343938 (GA Superior Ct, Fulton Cnty)

VoterGA v. Gwinnett Cty Bd of Elections, No. 20-A-08626-2 (Superior Ct, Gwinnett)

Authority To Act (Electors Clause)

Trump v. Kemp, No. 1:20-cv-05310-MHC (North District Georgia)

GA elections should not have been certified

Daugherty v. Fulton, No. 2021CV344953 (GA Superior Court, Fulton Cnty)

Appleal of above case

Questionable absentee ballots

Perdue v. Barron (Superior Court of Fulton County, GA)

Machines not legal

VoterGA v. State of Georgia, No. 2021CV353604 (Superior Ct, Fulton)

Election Litigation (Links to Above Cases, Additional Detail)

VoterGA Ballot Audit

Armed with witness affidavits, Garland Favorito and pursued litigation, demanding access to the

ballots. After analysis, they announced the ballot images were “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud”,


 A 60 per cent error rate: 923 of the 1,539 mail-in ballot batch files contained incorrect results

 Seven falsified tally sheets containing 850 votes for Joe Biden but 0 for Donald Trump and Jo Jorgenson.

 Duplication of at least 4,255 votes, with a large majority going to Biden

 Three days of missing drop box chain of custody forms for over 5,000 ballots

 Missing tally sheets for over 50,000 ballots that were not uploaded until months after the audit results were

initially published

Pg. 3

These issues are highly significant considering Biden only won Georgia by 11,779 votes.

Full copies of the ballot and tally images as inspected by VoterGA, including manuals, reports, indices, political

finance records, and TrueTheVote materials are available at this Dropbox link.

Legislative Actions

Missing Chain-of-Custody Documentation

In June 2021, reports surfaced about missing documents that were supposed to verify the chain-of-custody of

ballots. "New revelations that Fulton County is unable to produce all ballot drop box transfer documents will be

investigated thoroughly, as we have with other counties that failed to follow Georgia rules and regulations

regarding drop boxes. This cannot continue.”

– Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

Georgia Legislature: Judiciary Committee – Election Law Study Subcommittee

Summary: Testimony from December 3, 2020 Hearing

Honorable William T. Ligon, Chairman, Georgia Senator, District 3

The chairman of the judiciary subcommittee in Georgia that examined evidence of fraud in the 2020 election,

released a scathing 15-page report calling the results of the 2020 election, “untrustworthy” and recommending

that the certification of the results be rescinded.

"The November 3, 2020 General Election was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as

untrustworthy. The Subcommittee took evidence from witnesses and received affidavits sworn under oath. The

Subcommittee heard evidence that proper protocols were not used to ensure chain of custody of the ballots

throughout the Election, after the opening of ballots prior to the Election, and during the recounts. The

Subcommittee heard testimony that it was possible or even likely that large numbers of fraudulent ballots were

introduced into the pool of ballots that were counted as voted; there is no way of tracing the ballots after they

have been separated from the point of origin.”

— The Honorable William T. Ligon, Chairman Of The Election Law Study Subcommittee of The Georgia State

Standing Senate Judiciary Committee

"After 12 hours of testimony [I conclude that] you can’t make some of this stuff up. I mean it’s just unbelievable

what we’ve seen in this 12 hours of testimony. I’m embarrassed. It’s an embarrassment for our state and I am

more and more convinced now that this is a well-orchestrated, well-coordinated effort, by several groups to

commit widespread and systemic fraud.”

— Georgia Senator Brandon Beach, Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections

Investigation by Secretary of State Raffensperger

Georgia opens investigation into possible illegal ballot harvesting in 2020 election

Secretary of State Raffensperger says subpoenas could be forthcoming.

By John Solomon - Updated: January 4, 2022


Georgia opens investigation into ballot harvesting claims - January 5th 2022

True The Vote Statement Regarding Georgia Ballot Harvesting Investigation - January 5, 2022

Pg. 4

Discussion: Key Allegations

Ballots: Chain of Custody

 Failures in ballot “chain of custody” procedures, where ballot batches were taken for same-day transport, yet

took three days to arrive at their destination

 At State Farm Arena, evidence of this was streamed live over the internet. After observers left, ballots were

pulled out from underneath a covered desk. Trump’s Legal Team estimates this could account for 37,500–

120,000 votes.

 Eye-witness testimony of highly-secretive and suspicious activity at Wigwam Resort, Litchfield, Arizona in

Sept 2020, two months prior to the election, that appeared to be a significant election fraud and ballot

harvesting operation, with two large ballrooms full of equipment, and transporting ballots between Arizona

and Georgia. The witness was former Police Detective Gerald Buglione.

Vote Counting

 During counting in Fulton County, the Election Director stated that out of 113,130 votes scanned up until

that point, 106,000 of them had to be manually adjudicated (a massive 93.7%). Either the machines were

faulty, or a large number of paper ballots had issues that prevented them from passing the computerized


 Vote counting rooms were announced as “closed down”, and yet counting continued, without independent

observers present, in violation of law.

Duplicate Voting

 Ballots appearing to have been duplicated by copy machine (further details below)

 1,700 instances of double-voting.

 Independent video evidence showing how, in Coffee County, votes could be easily counted multiple times

via the machine

Machine-Duplicated Ballots

Numerous poll workers who observed the counts allege that hundreds (if not thousands) of ballots appeared to

have been duplicated by copy machine. This was evidenced by:

 Being printed on different paper

 Being without fold marks (which would be required when requesting a mail-in ballot via mail)

 Having identical black marks on large numbers of ballots

 The marks not appearing to have been made by an ink pen

The claims involve six witnesses with affidavits:

Fulton County poll manager Suzi Voyles discovered ballots for Joe Biden that appeared to have been duplicated

by a copy machine. Her reports were ignored, and she was later fired by the county. At least three other poll

workers (Robin Hall, Judy Aube, and Barbara Hartman) observed the same thing and have joined Voyles in

swearing under penalty of perjury that they looked fake.

Carlos E. Silva, a registered democrat, declared in a Nov. 17 affidavit that he observed a similar “perfect black

bubble” in thousands of absentee ballots for Biden during recounts in both DeKalb County and Cobb County.

“All of these ballots had the same characteristics: they were all for Biden and had the same perfect bubble ...

and no other markings in the rest of the ballot.”

Mayra Romera, another registered Democrat, testified that while monitoring the Cobb County recount, she

noticed that “hundreds of these ballots seemed impeccable, with no folds or creases. The bubble selections

were perfectly made ... and all happened to be selections for Biden.”

Certified poll watcher Garland Favorito ( claims that this issue could potentially amount to 10,000–

20,000 ballots, more than Biden’s winning margin in the state.

Unqualified Voters

 Auditing of records found a high number of underage voters (66,247), unregistered voters (2,423), and

deceased voters (10,315)

Pg. 5

 There were 4,926 out-of-state voters (those registered in another state, yet voted in Georgia). A further

15,000 changed their address last-minute, after registration deadlines. 395 people voted in more than 1


 2,560 felons with incomplete sentences voted, illegally

Election Machines

 Outstanding/unresolved integrity issues with Dominion counting machines. Learn more about Dominion.

Statistical Anomalies

 Three notable “vote dumps” with unexpected swings to Biden, with the largest being over 107,040 votes.

These instances were labelled “red flags” not merely based on the one-sided swings, but also based on the

rate at which votes were added to the tally, far higher than the rate observed at all other time intervals. 12

 In one period of counting, 120,000–138,000 votes were tallied, of which only 2,000 were for Trump (a highly

unusual low rate of 1.7%)

 Trump’s percentage of absentee votes was consistently lower in Fulton County border precincts (where it’s

alleged significant fraud occurred) than in the precincts just across the street in neighboring counties (a

difference of 5.8% – 17.3%).

 Mathematician Edward Solomon alleges via a sworn affidavit that hundreds of ballot batch tallies across

multiple precincts suspiciously all came out to be 5.5555% (or 1/18th) for Trump, which suggests there may

have been a fraudulent computer algorithm switching votes to reach a specific target fraction. The algorithm

appeared to be switched on for short periods, and then switched off and moved to another precinct to avoid

detection. He predicts that 25,630 votes were stolen using this method in Atlanta alone. See his 12min


Absentee Ballots

Key Findings

 305,701 absentee ballots were applied for too early. 2,664 absentee ballots were sent to voters too early.

 Absentee ballots were not checked for validity. 5 The rejection rate for absentee ballots has traditionally

been 3% in 2016, 3.5% in 2018, and yet in the November 2020 election, after a 6x increase in absentee

ballots requested, was a mere 0.34%. Had the statutory procedure for signature matching, voter eligibility

and voter identity verification been followed, there should have been 38,250–45,620 absentee ballots

rejected–far more that Biden’s victory margin.

Case Study: Atlanta’s State Farm Arena

 Staff at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena polling center describe:

 Witnessing absentee ballots arriving “in rolling bins 2,000 at a time” rather than in sealed, numbered boxes

 Disagreeing on counts, sometimes with a difference of hundreds of ballots

 Seeing overvotes being judged inconsistently (ballots where more than one candidate is marked).

Apparently, no written instructions were provided on how to adjudicate ballots, only verbal instructions.

Expert Report of Matthew Braynard

In November-December 2020, election expert Matthew Braynard was contracted to investigate the election

results. From analyzing the voter databases and via phone calls to at least 722 residents (mostly from Fulton

County, but also a number of other counties) he reported that:

 18.39% of registered voters of Georgia who were sent but did not return absentee ballots did not actually

request absentee ballots;

 33.29% of voters who were sent absentee ballots but were not recorded as having returned absentee

ballots stated that they did actually mail their ballots back;

 1.53% of registered voters of Georgia who changed addresses before the election and were recorded as

having voted stated that they did not cast a vote;

 20,312 absentee voters were not residents of the State of Georgia when they voted, and

 1,043 early and absentee ballots were cast by people who were registered at post office box addresses; and

 234 Georgians voted in multiple states.

Testimony reproduced from the Expert Report of Matthew Braynard, given in The Superior Court Of Fulton

County, State Of Georgia, submitted Dec 3, 2020.

Pg. 6

Voter Canvassing - Expert Report: Matthew Braynard:

Ballot Destruction

 Testimony with video and photographic evidence of ballots being shredded in Cobb County.


 Furthermore, according to witness Susan Knox, when she called 911 to report the shredding, police never

responded. She was told later that police officials were under instruction not to respond to anything related

to election fraud, or anything at Cobb County regarding the election, but to pass it on to GBI or SoS, yet

there was no response from them either.

 Despite ongoing disputes and incomplete audits, vote tallies were certified by Governor Brian Kemp,

Secretary of State Raffensperger and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan

 Georgia officials in Fulton County (Democratic) have fired whistleblower election officials.

The America Project Georgia 2023 Analysis

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