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Voter Registration - Typical but not the Best

Voter Registration - Typical Maintenance Practices Typical Practices at the State Level JON STOUT JUN 4, 2023

What Are Typical List Maintenance Practices?

All states remove electors from the active voter list who are deceased or moved to an address outside the jurisdiction. Voters may be removed from the voter rolls due to other reasons, too:

In 20 states, voters who fail to vote or engage with election officials for a specified period can be removed from the rolls.

  • In 48 states, people convicted of certain crimes are disqualified.

  • In 34 states, the courts disqualified mentally incompetent people.

Several state laws also specify that voter registrations are canceled upon receipt of notice from another state or local elections official that an individual has registered outside the jurisdiction or if there is evidence that a voter is not a U.S. citizen.

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