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What is the Republican National Committee (RNC) Doing?

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Election Integrity in Wisconsin, Election Integrity States, RNC, GrassRoots Candidates

What is the Republican National Committee (RNC) Doing?

The RNC is broke! Great Patriots don't donate to them at all, on a federal or state level. Let's drive them into bankruptcy. Stop all donations to them, tell your friends and relatives NOT to donate to the RNC. It will force Ronna McDaniel out. Don't donate to WinRed either - they are committing campaign money laundering.

We spend more time and money fighting their stupid ideas, including

liberal agenda, than we do Democrats many days. Right now for example "Republican" politicians in Wisconsin want to pass a bill where ballots count be opened (absentees) and tabulated on Mondays before election days. What could possibly go wrong? And very liberal governor Tony Evers is eager to sign it - what does that tell you? "Republicans" creating more ways for election fraud to occur.

(Update by Peter Bernegger


This sentiment by Peter Bernegger is shared among many Americans who are tired of losing because the RNC is not supporting GrassRoots candidates.

What is the Republican National Committee (RNC) Doing?

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