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Wisconsin Poll Workers Violations of Existing Voter Laws


Wisconsin Poll Workers Violations of Existing Voter Laws, Election Fraud, Voter Fraud.

In Wisconsin, instances of election law violations by poll workers and election-related fraud are relatively rare and varied in nature. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) submitted a report to the Wisconsin Legislature for the period from June 25, 2022, to June 30, 2023, detailing suspected election fraud, irregularities, or violations based on information from municipal clerks​​.

Key findings and examples include:

  1. Overall Cases of Election Fraud: Over the past decade, election fraud in Wisconsin has been prosecuted fewer than 200 times, translating to about once for every 163,000 ballots cast. This demonstrates the rarity of such incidents in the state or the failure to prosecute cases​​.

  2. Primary Cause of Fraud Charges: Contrary to popular misconceptions about election fraud, the most common cause for criminal charges in Wisconsin is not voting under dead people's names, double voting, or voter impersonation. Instead, the main cause is related to a voter's probation status. This issue has disproportionately affected Black residents of Milwaukee County, who are overrepresented in election fraud prosecutions compared to their presence in the overall court system​​.

  3. Specific Cases and Nature of Allegations: From 2012 to spring 2022, there were various types of allegations among the 192 prosecuted cases. These included 40 cases involving fraudulent voting (like double voting or voting in the name of a deceased person), 20 cases where election workers, volunteers, or candidates were charged (including a high-profile case of a Milwaukee election clerk), and cases involving improper addresses for voter registration, noncitizens voting, and disorderly conduct at polling places. More than half of the cases (109) involved people voting or registering to vote before their probation ended​​.

  4. Double Voting and Voter Impersonation: Specific instances of double voting and voter impersonation have been relatively few. For example, one case involved a man who voted twice in the 2012 gubernatorial recall election without realizing it was against the law. There have been only 21 charges of voting more than once in an election in the previous 10 years. As for voter impersonation, only five out of the 192 election fraud prosecutions from 2012 through spring 2022 dealt with this issue, highlighting its rarity​​.

These findings indicate that while violations do occur, they are not as widespread as often perceived. The nature of these violations varies, with a significant portion related to issues of voter eligibility, especially concerning probation status.

Wisconsin Poll Workers Violations of Existing Voter Laws

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